Baby Registry Must Haves!

If you are wondering what the heck to register for, you came to the right place!

I’m going to start this off by saying no matter where you register make sure you get your free registry gift bags! Target, Amazon and Buy Buy Baby gift all moms-to-be a registry gift bag filled with all kinds of full and sample sized goodies! The goodie bags come in handy because with so many baby items on the market, you never know what will work for you and your baby so being able to test them out beforehand is a BONUS. Plus, who doesn’t love FREE STUFF!?

When I was pregnant with my first child I was overwhelmed when looking online to start my baby registry. I couldn’t believe typing in car seat on buy buy baby’s website would pull up over 400 search results! How was I supposed to choose?! Not knowing where to start I began reading reviews and blogs to see what other moms recommended. Thankfully I was able to narrow everything down to what I wanted and completed my registry.

Now that I have some experience under my belt, I want to share all of the items we absolutely love with you! Some of the items I have linked to Amazon.


Haakaa – While baby is eating, attach it to the opposite breast and it collects all the milk that leaks out (that would otherwise be wasted!). Such an incredible tool for breastfed babies!

Mam Bottles – What worked for our first (Dr. Brown) didn’t work for our second. We’ve tried Dr. Brown, Avent, Mam and Joovy. Mam worked best for our second child, I wish we had used them with our first! We did love Dr. Brown bottles as well but there were so many piece to wash!

Formula – Even if you breast feed its good to have backup food in the cupboard incase you have a dip in supply!

Baby Breeza Formula Pro – For formula fed babies this little “keurig” bottle maker can be a real time saver! It makes a baby bottle just like a keurig makes a cup of joe!

Boppy – Perfect for feeding or tummy time! I especially loved this since I had a c-section. Holding my baby during feeds was tough during recovery. The Boppy was so incredibly helpful and supported all of baby weight.

Boon Lawn – We’ve tried a couple drying racks and the boon lawn was the easiest to keep clean.

Burp Cloths – You’ll want a lot of these on hand! We literally had them draped over the back of our couches for easy access.

Joovy Nook High Chair – If your limited on space this joovy nook highchair is perfect. It folds up in half easily and when its open its not bulky. Also incredibly easy to clean and wipe down!


Angelcare Baby Bath Support, Aqua – Once your ready to transition baby to a bath in the tub, Angelcare baby bath is the way to go. It isn’t made of fabric so its easy to dry and keep clean. Also, baby isn’t able to scoot out of it.

Aveeno Baby Bath Set – Aveeno is really gentle on baby’s skin!

Bath Towels – JJ Cole makes some really nice baby bath towels with hoods

Bath Toys – Around 4 months old baby will be able to hold onto toys so its good to have these on hand right off the bat!


SwaddleMe Original Swaddle – SwaddleMe’s make swaddling a breeze! You just put babies legs in the little pouch, fold arms in and velcro, BOOM done!

Vtech VM343 Monitor – We’ve had this monitor for two years. Its been to Michigan and back, unplugged and plugged back in hundreds of times. It is clear, shows room temperature and you can connect up to 4 cameras to it!

Graco Pack and Play – Great for travel, sleeping, playing, bringing to Grandmas. Our babies slept in our pack and play next to me in our bedroom until we were ready to transition them to their cribs which worked perfectly for us.

Crib Sheets – I love Cloud Island from Target! Tons of cute prints and they are so soft.

Mattress Protector – Y’all. Diaper blow outs are real. Puking in the middle of the night is real. Peeing through diapers is real. Spilled milk is real. Get a couple of mattress protectors!

Aden & Anias muslin blankets – These blankets are a nice light weight blanket and they’re perfect for swaddling.

Humidifier – If you live in a cold dry climate, a humidifier is a must! Even if you don’t its a must. When you have a congested child a cold mist humidifier works great help!

DOHM Sound Machine – LIFE SAVER! In our home, you can hear every creek in the floor. This sound machine blocks out all outside noise. We bring them with us when we travel too!

Diaper Pail – Stinky nursery no more thanks to the Playtex Diaper Genie!

Chair – Get something that is comfortable or has great reviews. You will spend lots of time in your nursery chair! The chair we have is by Baby Relax – Mikayla swivel recliner. We actually purchased it from Walmart online and it is the best chair if you aren’t looking to spend $500.

Rock and Play – Our first baby had reflux. Laying upright was the only way to comfort him. Rock and plays also fold up in half for easy compact storage.

Halo Sleep Sacks – Once your baby can roll and swaddling is no longer an option invest in a couple of sleep sacks! We personally like the sleeveless but they also make sleepsacks with sleeves.

Dock-a-tot – From age 0-4 months my kids would sleep in the dock-a-tot. I think it gave them a sense of comfort since it somewhat snuggled them.


Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony Toy – Music, lights and soft edges to chew on…what more could a baby want?!

Fisher-Price First Steps Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym – We started laying our kids under an activity gym around 1 month old. This activity gym grows with your child. When they lay under the mat they can kick the piano. Once they are able to sit up, the piano can move upright so baby can push on it with their hands while sitting!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo – Both my kids loved this jumper (and still do!). It has tons of great toys and fun animals for baby to look at, touch and spin!

Sophie La Girafe Teether Giraffe – Teether’s are a must have. I suggest registering for a couple. Sophie the Giraffe is a great teether. The two handles makes it easy for babies to hang on to.

Lamaze Mortimer The Moose – Mortimer is easily hooked onto strollers, carseats, activity gyms…the perfect baby toy in my opinion!

Wood Baby Gym – If you are a minimal momma, this wooden baby gym is perfect!

Fisher Price Swing – We loved the Fisher Price snugapuppy swing. It has multiple swinging speeds and sounds. It can also be tilted upright for when baby wants to see what is going on around him/her!


NoseFridaLIFE SAVER! If you don’t mind the thought of sucking snot out of your congested child’s nose, this product is for you! We’ll even if you do mind, I suggest you still get it!

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water – Gripe water seemed to help our kids when they had colic. It is all natural and great to have on hand for when they have an upset tummy!

Safety 1st Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit – A hair brush is necessary unless your babies are born bald like mine were! But, Nail clippers are a must. Babies nails are like little razor blades and we really love these safety first nail clippers.

Diaper Cream – We loved Earth Mama Angel Baby and Aquaphor healing ointment.

Braun Forehead Thermometer – one word, accurate! We love this thermometer because of its accuracy.

Pampers Diapers – We’ve tried most brands (Huggies, Up & Up, Honest, Luvs & Seventh Gen) and stuck with Pampers!

Hughes Wipes – Huggies natural care are fragrance free!

Car seat/Stroller:

Car seat/travel system – Graco Snuguride click connect 35. This is a complete travel system which comes with a carseat, base, and stroller. The carseat can be clicked directly into the stroller which makes life SO MUCH EASIER! You will probably want to keep your baby in an infant carseat at least until they can sit up. Once they can sit up you can put them in high chairs and grocery carts so no need to carry them around in an infant carseat!

I didn’t add a clothing section because you are likely to get an abundance of clothing at your baby shower. But here are some clothing tips: Onesies great for winter to put underneath sleepers as an extra layer for warmth. Also, Z I P P E R sleepers! With my first, my mom stocked me up on Little Me brand button sleepers and while they are oh so cute by the time my son was 6 months, I didn’t want to snap another button!! One more thing. Baby hand mitts to cover baby’s hands as they have a tendency to scratch their precious heads!

If you are a new mama in search of where to begin or a second, third, or fourth time mama with a new little bundle of joy, I hope I was able to help you out in this exciting time in your life! and Congratulations!!!

Author: Mama Needs a Coffee

My name is Kim. I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys and wife to an incredible, supportive husband. I'm happy you are here to read along my lifestyle blog. Please leave a comment!

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